Sun-Mar offers a selection of 1 pint flush toilets for use with regular Centrex 1000, 2000, and 3000 series central composting toilet systems. More than one "1 pint flush" toilet can be installed with these units if necessary. The constraint is the number of people using the toilets rather than the number of toilets.

Using about one pint per flush, these ultra low flush toilets provide all the advantages of a flush toilet while minimizing water usage. They are ideal for use with Sun-Mar Central Composting Systems, but can also be used with holding tanks, overloaded septic systems, and in RV's.

A simple foot pedal flush opens the water valve and gate when pushed down, and fills the bowl with water when lifted. After flushing, a small amount of water is held in the toilet bowl which is sealed by a self-cleaning ball valve and teflon seal. Even gravity-fed water from a roof tank is sufficient to flush a Sealand toilet. In winter they can be flushed manually using a container if necessary.

The Sealand 510 Plus has a regular sized toilet seat and is 2" longer and 1" wider than the Sealand 2010. In some instances extra height is needed to allow the toilet to gravity feed to the composting unit. Where this is the case, the Sealand 511 Plus (large bowl) or the Sealand 2011 (small bowl), low profile models with a 10" seat height, can be mounted on a platform.

For Sun-Mar installations, we recommend the 510 Plus as the unit of choice as it has the size and appearance of a "regular" toilet. The 2010 is suitable if you have a very limited space in which to install the unit. Sealand toilets are available in either White or Bone. They come complete except for the required 3" four (4) bolt floor flange.

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Sealand 510 Plus
  Sealand 2010