EXCEL NE (Non-Electric)

The success of the Excel design meant that a three chamber unit could be specifically designed for those with NO continuous 110 volt supply. First launched in 1981, the Excel NE has no heater in the base but features an insulated Bio-drum to maintain the warmth of the compost.

If the Excel NE is used residentially or heavily, or is in a place which is subject to downdraft, an optional 12 volt fan should be installed in the vent stack. This fan draws 1.4 watts and can be powered by a solar panel and/or 12 volt battery.

Evaporating capacity on the Excel NE is variable, so the 1" drain at the rear should be connected to an approved drain pit, container, or other facility.

Capacity: 5-7 people weekend/vacation use, 2-3 people residential/continuous use


Width: 22 ½" Width with Handle: 26" Height: 31 ½"
Height Footrest to Seat: 17" Footrest Height: 11" Length: 33"
Length with Footrest: 42" Required Length to pull out drawer: 51"

Other Specifications

Vents: 4" Vent Pipe and Fittings (Supplied with unit) Drains: 1" Drain (10 ft. Hose supplied) Options: 12 Volt Electric Fan, 1.4 Watts, comes installed in 11" length of 4" vent pipe
Product Weight: 50 lbs. Shipping Weight: 100 lbs Shipping Carton: Width 27", Height 35", Length 35"


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