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Water Well Solar Pumping

earthRight - Solareagle
can provide recommendations
for solar pumping

please contact us

If you currently have a well pump, we can "Solarize" that too.
We just need to know
HP (Horse Power) rating on your pump,

Voltage (110~240),
Average run time per day (most are in the 1-2 hour range)
and g
G eographic location  (to figure in hours of usable sunlight).

Drop us an email and we'll get back to you usually within 24 hours.

AGAIN,...We will need the following:
Your geographic location (What city and province)
The horse power (hp) rating of your current pump(s)
Or the Watt or Amp rating of your pump(s)
The Voltage requirements of your pump(s)
And the average run time. (Take a guess)
That's it....



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