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Solareagle offers several specially priced pre-packaged options for home power generation. We will walk you through the entire
process including connection diagrams and schematics. We also offer full installation services anywhere in the Cariboo Region.

Solareagle carries a full range of off the grid options including lighting, micro- hydro, water filters and purifiers,
Sun-Mar composting toilets
, Sundanzer and Sunfrost refrigeration appliances and much more!

Don't forget to check out Special Deals for exceptional buys on demo and resale merchandise and the Homebrewed Projects section.
In our Basics of Off-The-Grid-Solar series you will find useful information about designing and managing your system

SPACER Off-The-Grid Series by Ron Young Blog Solar Particles In The Stream






Sun Mar composting toiletsBritish Berkefeld MSR water filter


Berkey Water Purification Systems


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If you use diesel or gas you need
Pri for clean running and complete restoration of old stored fuel.

"Pri-D and Pri-G are far and away the best fuel treatments available, bar none!"
F.B. Ontario
"Based on actual fuel consumption records we can say with complete precision that with PRI-D treatment, we are receiving a fuel efficiency improvement of about 5.4 percent."
John Reddy ~ Fleet Service Coordinator, Nova Scotia Ferry System


We ship all over North America. Our products include the Staber high efficiency washing machine, the Info-Mate shortwave am fm worldband radio, the Sangean 909 and Sangean 505 worldband radios, the British Berkefeld gravity fed water filters, Sun-Mar

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If you have special requirements or want a custom quote on PV solar, HW solar, Micro-hydro, High Efficiency Refrigerators, Freezers, or any other specialized alternative energy equipment please contact us by email or call toll free: 1-877-925-2929.

We guarantee excellent prices and friendly service.


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