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Fulltime Standalone System
*8,750 watthours / day - 61,250 Watthours / Week

Fulltime Standalone System
Solar Electric Home System
2.25 Kilowatts PV / 4,000 WATT SINEWAVE INVERTER
This system has been designed for the complete, stand alone full timer and will provide
enough power for amenities like lighting, TV, Stereo, Microwave, Computer and Washer, Vacuum Cleaner, Well Pumping etc.

This system is designed to stand alone or interface with a 3 to 7 kW generator for backup power.

System Includes:
9 - PV panels  (250 watt, 8.27 amp) 25 year warranty
1 - Solar Array Wire Sets with strain reliefs
1 -
Combiner box & breakers
1 - Midnite Classic 150 PV controller

1 - 9 panel Top Of Pole mount

1 - Magnum 4024 120v Power Panel fully assembled INCLUDING:

1 - Magnum Sine Wave Inverter (4,000 watt 24v with built in 105 amp charger)
1 - Magnum Remote Display Monitor

1 - Array Input and Output Breakers
1 - 250a Battery Disconnect Breaker
1 - 6' Inverter to Battery Cables
1 - Magnum Battery Temp Sensor
1 - Inverter bypass switch
2 - Midnite MNSPD Lightning Arrestors

Also needed but NOT included:
Deep Cycle, Lead Acid batteries.
(We recommend a set of 4 - 1100 amp hour 6v cells)
Steel pole for Top Of Pole PV mount

Optional Upgrade:
Magnum 4024 PAE 120/240v inverter
Wind Generator (1000 Watt Wind Generator with Controller)

$10,987 Cash&Carry Price


Magnum MS series inverter

prices do not include GST - Provincial Sales Tax Exempt
Note that exact system components may differ depending on availability & price.
Prices subject to change at any time.

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*Location Dependant

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