If you need a self-contained unit for a workshop, or want as little as possible effluent from the unit, the Excel is the unit of choice for families of up to 4 people.

Excel NE With Optional 12 Volt Fan

If you need a self-contained unit and you are off the grid, we recommend the Excel-NE for families of up to 3 people. In residential applications, we recommend the installation of the optional 12 Volt Fan as well.

Excel AC/DC
The Excel AC/DC is a standard 110 volt Excel unit, but with 1" safety drains at the rear and dual (2" and 4") vent stacks. A 12 volt 1.4 watt fan is included for use in the 4" vent stack. This unit is for those with solar power/generators, or for people who do not have 110 volt power now but expect to have continuous 110 volt power available in the future.

The Compact is an elegant low profile unit with the looks to complement any bathroom. Sun-Mar engineers solved the challenge of incorporating a three chamber system into a low profile unit by designing and patenting a variable diameter Bio-drumTM.

The Ecolet uses a standard 110 volt supply. Its 19" width and 21" depth allows it to fit almost anywhere. Now even a closet or small corner can become a bathroom! Unlike other electric models, the ECOLET has a 3" vent. Evaporating capacity is limited by the smaller heater and evaporating surface, so the safety drains should be connected.


Centrex 2000 Family
The Centrex 2000 model is the system of choice for smaller families. Low water flush models for the look and feel of a "normal" toilet, or dry air flow toilets to eliminate your water usage. Non-Electric units also available.



Centrex 3000 Family
The Centrex 3000 is the central system of choice for most standard families. The low water flush toilets offer the convenience and "look" of a flush toilet, or the air flow models ensure zero water consumption.

Continuous flow-through of the compost means that you don't have to "empty" the drum at any point, thus removing a key maintenance task; compost automatically drops into the collection chamber on the end.

This feature is unique to the Centrex 3000.
Non-Electric units also available.

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